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Mar 14, 2018 · That means when somebody pushes a build, these tests will be run first using Newman. Not sure if the test results (in JSon format) will be automatically saved somewhere. If so can we do the conversion Json to CSV using New man after the test? Following information is needed in the csv file - Test name, request URL, pass/fail with the response time. # Initial creation of csv with headings $ json2csv -i test.json -f name,version > test.csv # Append additional rows $ json2csv -i test.json -f name,version --no-header >> test.csv Javascript module. json2csv can also be use programatically from you javascript codebase. Available Options Reading the json is simple enough: import json data = json.load(open('filename')) Then you hit a bit of a problem - your example data is not well structured for csv output. The data is a dictionary, (or fields), with a structure like: success: True 'devs': list len 1 of: 'id': int 'name': string